Air Conditioning: 5 Things to Check Before Summer Rolls In

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Summer is the best time of the year to go on beach trips and relax under the sun. But if you’re spending most of your time at home, the heat can get old pretty fast. This is why it’s important to make sure that your air conditioner is in great shape long before the peak summer months arrive. After all, you wouldn’t want to be left in the lurch when the heat is scorching!

At the tail end of spring, turn on your air conditioning system to see how it has endured months of inactivity. Here are five things you should check before summer rolls in:

1. Poor Air Flow

Several things can lead to poor airflow. Sometimes it can simply be a clogged filter or a broken motor. Other times, it might be something more serious. To ensure that your air conditioning unit is functioning at full capacity, you might want to get an energy-recovery ventilator as well as zoning systems. This will help it get the right amount of airflow and give it the cooling power it needs.

If you aren’t getting the airflow you need, it’s time to call in reinforcements!

2. No Cold Air

If you turn your AC on and feel nothing but warm air, don’t panic. It could just be the thermostat. Check and make sure that you have it in cooling mode and set to a low temperature. If the problem persists, then it might be due to restricted airflow or a malfunctioning compressor.

Now, instead of DIY-ing this, it might be best to get a professional to help you fix the issue. The last thing you want is to upset the machine even more.

3. High Humidity Levels

At the peak of summer, you can expect hot and sticky weather whenever you step outside. This is why many people prefer to stay where there’s air conditioning. Your AC unit should keep every room cool and comfortable throughout the day.

If your indoor humidity levels remain high even with the AC on, you should call in professionals immediately to diagnose and fix the problem. You may need anything between a simple repair or a dehumidifier.

4. Leaking AC

You might have noticed that a lot of condensation tends to form on your air conditioner, that’s fine. It’s normal. However, if that water pools in your unit or any active leak happens around your unit, that can put a damper on your air conditioner. This can be a sign that your cooling system might be broken. 

Lingering leaks can cause severe damage to your home structures, so a leaky AC unit should be seen to immediately!

5. Bad Smell

A sure sign that you need to call for an AC repair is a bad smell coming from your air conditioning unit. The smell may be due to contaminants in your air ducts or a problem with the AC unit itself. If there’s any funky odor coming from your ac, give us a call. We can make quick work of figuring out the problem. 


Whether it’s summertime or not, air conditioner maintenance is important for your home. So be on the lookout for these warning signs that your AC unit may not be working correctly. It’s nothing a little help from Mainline Heating can’t fix.

We’re here to help not just stay cool for the summer to keep your HVAC unit in tip-top shape. We provide quality air conditioning service that you can rely on, so give us a call!

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