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The Link between Your Air Conditioner and Your Cough

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To get straight to the point: Your air conditioner could be causing a dry cough. Nowadays, we see that people have become more conscious of their health. Feeling slightly under the weather should never once again be taken lightly. Meanwhile, a little cough may be something more severe.

However, before you let panic set it, know that experiencing periodic and seasonal colds and coughs may simply be due to the environment you are in or the sudden changes in weather. Other times, it could be your air conditioner.

Read on to learn more about the link between your air conditioner and your cough. 

Being on Constant “High Alert”

Indeed, going outdoors to run errands, shop, and buy groceries may feel like a covert mission, especially when everyone is on high alert. At the same time, seasonal allergies make such travel more difficult. Going out with a dry cough caused by allergies may draw unwanted looks and comments. Everyone is afraid of becoming sick and infecting their family with any type of disease.

Patients suffering from seasonal allergies may take every care to protect themselves and others, yet coughing in public makes them a target. Indoor air quality is typically poor, which is also why people have invested in things like air purifiers and dehumidifiers.

Understanding Cold Air and Coughing

In the spring, allergies and asthma induce a dry cough. Coughing usually is caused by mold, pet dander, dust, pollen, and other irritants. It is caused by allergens irritating the airways. Few children listened to their parents’ warnings not to go outside because they would catch a cold.

Although cold, dry air does not cause illness, it can aggravate asthma and allergy symptoms by causing a dry cough.

Spring is allergy season when the weather warms and people spend more time outside. Furthermore, this is when individuals use air conditioning. Although, it is worth noting that inhaling a lot of air-conditioner breeze can cause a dry cough by constricting the airways.

The Temperature of Your Home

Maintain a temperature in your home between 72 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit to keep wind gusts from narrowing your airways.

This will keep your home from becoming too hot when the temperature rises and will keep your home at a healthy level of humidity, preventing your neck from drying out.

Consistent temperatures can also help to reduce energy expenses. Less runtime means fewer air contaminants and warmer temperatures for the lungs and respiratory system.

Using a Humidifier

As previously stated, indoor humidity can either relieve or aggravate a dry cough. Humidity is used to measure air humidity. Indoor relative humidity levels should be between 50% and 55%.

Humidifiers provide moisture to the air, making it easier to breathe. Dirty humidifiers can cause health problems, so clean yours on a regular basis.

Cleaning your humidifier removes allergen-causing dust and mold. People who are afraid to go to the grocery store because they have a dry cough are having difficulty.

If this is the case, turn down your air conditioning to avoid wind gusts and invest in a humidifier to bring moisture to the air. Improve your allergy symptoms so you can go outside again.


More than achieving the comfort that air conditioners can give us, we should be mindful of how air quality can affect our overall breathing. Remember, air quality should be prioritized and comfort will follow. Simply keep this information in mind and share it with your friends and family.

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Trane Furnaces: What Are They and Why Should You Have Them?


A furnace is a heating system that circulates warm air throughout a house. This air is delivered through a network of ducts in a central heating system. 

Trane furnaces are designed to take the stress out of heating a home. They are equipped with innovative technological features that optimize a home’s heating system and are available in standard and variable configurations. They can be installed in new construction or existing homes.

What Is Trane?

Trane is a large corporation that specializes in manufacturing heating and cooling systems. They are known for making high-quality heating systems and furnaces. People are increasingly turning to this brand for peace of mind regarding their furnaces. Furthermore, the brand offers a variety of models to meet the needs of all homeowners.

How Trane Heating Systems Work

Trane furnaces employ a variety of methods to heat a home. They have a built-in fan that circulates warm air throughout the home. Ducts lead warm air to different areas of the house.

The heating process is automatic, and the system will send out warm air as soon as it senses it is needed. The heating system also utilizes a humidifier and dehumidifier to keep the air at its optimal moisture content.

A Trane furnace’s method to heat a home depends on its model. Some furnaces use different techniques, including combustion, warm air distribution, and hydronic heating.

Why Is Trane Furnace Worth Investing?

Trane furnaces are convenient and appeal to homeowners with a variety of needs. They provide homeowners with a consistent supply of warm air. This helps to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout a home.

Trane furnaces are energy efficient and feature a variety of safety features. They are also durable, and their lifespan tends to outlast other furnace models. This will provide homeowners with a reliable heat source for years to come.

How Do You Maintain a Trane Furnace?

Trane furnaces are designed to be low-maintenance heating systems. It uses sensors to gauge when they need to send warm air. The heating system also adjusts the temperature and airflow to maintain optimal comfort in a home.

Further, trane furnaces have a built-in monitoring system that delivers updated information to the homeowner. This will notify when it is time to clean the heating system or update if there is a problem with the heating system. 

Will the Trane Furnace Work for My Home?

Trane furnaces are available in various sizes and specifications. It can be installed in many homes, including large homes and older ones.

Also, the heating system will come with instructions on tailoring it to the size of a home. A Trane furnace can also be modified to work with a pre-existing heating system.


Trane furnaces are high-quality heating systems that can provide homeowners with a comfortable and consistent heat supply. They are simple to utilize and can be tailored to fit the needs of a home’s heating system. They also come with a variety of safety features and options for customization.

Finally, they are equipped with several innovative features that make maintaining a comfortable temperature in the home easy. The furnaces are also designed to last, and a properly maintained Trane furnace can last for decades.

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5 Signs Your AC Needs Repair Work from a Professional

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If you’re like most homeowners, then you’ve probably had air conditioning problems before. And, if you’ve had any problems at all, you know how quickly those problems will pile up if you do not get help. So, before things get any worse, you should call an HVAC professional as soon as you see any of the following warning signs.

Noisy AC Unit

Air conditioner units are known for making strange noises, but this doesn’t mean you should ignore them. If you notice that any of the noises from your AC unit sound like they are getting louder, then you should schedule an appointment with an HVAC professional. Most of the time, this is caused by a buildup of dirt and dust on the coils inside the unit.

Energy Bills Going Up

When you start noticing that your energy bills are going up, then it’s often a sign that you need to schedule an appointment with an HVAC professional. This is especially true if your energy bills fluctuate or are consistently very high. It could very well mean that your AC unit is already in bad shape and doesn’t work as well as it used to. If your AC unit has been working for ten years or more, then you may want to consider replacing it with a new unit that is energy efficient.

Unusual Smells

There are many different reasons why your air conditioner might start to smell. Some of these smells are indicative of a problem that needs to be addressed immediately, while others indicate a problem that will need to be addressed eventually but isn’t necessarily an emergency. However, if you notice any smells that you didn’t recognize or that you didn’t associate with your air conditioner before, then an HVAC professional should be called right away.

It could be nothing at all, or it’s possible that there’s already mold building up in your AC unit. This can lead to mold and mildew growth in your home, which is not only disgusting but could be a major health hazard as well.

Whenever you notice any strange smells coming from your air conditioner, then you should schedule an appointment with an HVAC professional right away.

Warm Air

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that a completely functional air conditioner can still leak warm air into the house. However, it can indeed happen. If you notice that your home seems to always be warm, then this may be the culprit.

High Humidity

Aside from warm air coming out of your AC unit, you may also see that the humidity levels in your home are higher than usual. This is often caused by water leaking from your air conditioner. If you notice that there is an excessive amount of humidity in your home, then call an HVAC professional right away.

If this happens, then you should seek out an HVAC professional immediately.


No matter what warning signs you notice from your AC unit, you should never wait very long to call for help. Left alone, your AC unit problems can only get worse and can cause problems with your health, your home, and your wallet.

If you’re having problems with your heating and cooling systems, it’s best to call in the professionals and let them handle all the work. That’s exactly what Mainline Heating and Air is here for. Our team is uniquely qualified to help you repair any broken HVAC components as well as find the right system that fits your needs and your budget. Whenever you need air conditioning repair in Alabaster, AL, give Mainline Heating and Air a call. We’ll are more than happy to help.

Common Water Heater Issues and What You Should Do

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What a nightmare would it be if you woke up on a cold day to a broken water heater. Water heaters can face a lot of different issues. In this article, we will talk about the most common water heater issues and their causes.

1. Fluctuating Water Temperature

Do you notice that the temperature of the water coming out of your water heater is not constant? If you do, you might have a thermostat issue. Most water heaters have a built-in thermostat that controls the temperature of the water coming out of the water heater.

For the thermostat to work properly, the temperature of the water should be kept between 131-135 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is lower or higher than this, there is a problem. To fix this problem, you will need to take the safety precautions recommended by the manufacturer and contact a professional.

2. A Leak in the Heater

If you can see water dripping from your water heater, there is a chance that your water heater has a leak. If you notice water dripping from your water heater, you need to turn off the power and call a professional to fix the problem.

Most of the time, leaking water heaters are caused by a lot of different issues like a bad thermostat, a leaky valve, or a damaged gas valve. If you don’t fix this problem, you could end up with a lot of damage to your home.

3. A Burning Smell

If you notice a burning smell coming from your water heater, there is a chance that there might be a gas leak. You should turn off the power and call a professional to investigate.

If you notice a strong burning smell, it is best to turn off the power and wait for the gas to dissipate. A gas leak can be very dangerous if you are not careful.

You don’t want to try and fix the problem yourself, especially if the leak is caused by old plumbing or a bad gas valve.

4. Rusty and Smelly Water

If you have rusty and smelly water coming out of your water heater, you have a water heater sediment problem. There are a few causes of this problem, like using a water heater that is too old and using a water heater that has sediment buildup.

You can call a professional to have this cleaned up. Rusty water with bacteria can be dangerous to your home and health.

5. A Gurgling Sound

A gurgling sound in your water heater can be caused by several issues. It could be because there is a leak in your pipes, sedimentary build-up or a broken gas valve. Whatever it is, the water heater is being blocked, and the machine tries to put in more pressure to try and make it work.

Your water heater might end up overheating if you don’t get it fixed. Make sure to contact a professional and let them know about the gurgling sound so that they can address the issue.


Your water heater is what keeps your home going and the water in your home warm. If you don’t take it seriously, you might end up with a lot of issues. Some of these issues can create a lot of damage to your home. If you have any kind of issue with your water heater, take care of it as soon as you can by calling a professional.

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