How to Prep Your House for Cold Weather

We’re starting to get a sneak peek of colder weather at night, even though daytime temperatures are still fairly warm…welcome to Alabama, right? As the weather starts the cooling trend, it’s so important to prep your house ahead of time to prevent issues and catch potential problems. The last thing you need is to frantically get things in order the day before a freezing cold night. And you definitely don’t want to be left in the cold if you have a faulty furnace that calls it quits- that’s why we offer furnace tuneups. Here’s easy, helpful list for what needs to be done:

Indoor Water Sources

  • Identify any problem pipes- consider areas that have been problematic in the past
  • Insulate said problem pipes with heat tape or other insulation products.
  • Instruct everyone in your household how to turn off the house’s water source in case you do experience a frozen or busted pipe and need to shut off the water until a plumber can come fix it.

Remember to keep faucets dripping and open the cabinets under your sinks when temperatures are below freezing at night. Put something under the faucet to catch the dripping water to use elsewhere the following day.


  • Disconnect water hoses and drain any leftover water
  • Store garden hoses and other outdoor equipment in a dry location ❏ Cover spigots- can use styrofoam kind or other available options ❏ Have in-ground sprinkler system blown out by professionals


  • Call​ Mainline Heating and Air for a furnace tuneup- we’ll check electrical components, pilot or flame sensors, safety controls, as well as inspect and clean the burners
  • Make sure vents are cleaned out and filters are replaced
  • Have furnace ducts sealed if they aren’t already- we can help with duct sealing as well

Remember to have a professional inspect and clean the chimney before use (if you have a wood-burning fireplace). This will help prevent health issues and​ ​hazardous accidents.

Windows and Doors

How to test for drafty doors and windows- light a candle (wick exposed, not the kind in a jar) and hold it in front of the door frame or windowsill. If the flame noticeably flickers, you have a bad seal. That means the quickly arriving cold air will easily be able to seep into your home and cause a higher energy bill.

  • Test door frames and window frames as explained above
  • Add (or replace) weatherstripping- your local hardware store should have several options available and can explain how to install them.
  • Install door sweeps where needed

Join our ​Maintenance Club​ so that you can get biannual tuneups without having to think twice about it. You’ll know with certainty that your furnace will get you through the colder months. We can also provide furnace repairs in Birmingham, AL whenever your system isn’t working properly.

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