Honeywell 20kW Home Generator


5-Year Warranty

Honeywell home backup generators carry a Premium 5 Year Limited Warranty.


One of the quietest units available; self-test mode is even quieter than normal operation.

Mobile Link™

Mobile Link lets you check on your generator’s status by using your computer, tablet, or smartphone. (Sold separately. Not available in Canada.)

RhinoCoat™ All-Weather Enclosure

The corrosion-resistant aluminum enclosure with RhinoCoat™ finish prolongs the life of your generator.

Rugged OHVI® Engine

The Generac OHVI® engine requires significantly fewer scheduled maintenance intervals than competitive engines.

Sync 3.0® Controller

This next gen controller allows for the easy monitoring of history and maintenance as well as management of generator functions.

LED Indicator Lights

LEDs allow you to determine generator status at a glance.

Installation Options

3rd-party-certified to NFPA standards, allowing for installation as close as 18” to the home.

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