Why You May Be Getting a Sore Throat from Your Air Conditioning

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Air conditioning units are designed to keep the air cool, clean, and circulating indoors. These units offer relief for many, but they can cause frequent sore throats in some individuals. 

While there are multiple causes of sore throat, including allergies and the flu, a poor-functioning AC unit is likely low on the list. Nevertheless, these complaints are common in allergy sufferers and chronic respiratory disorders.

Here are the possible reasons you’re getting a sore throat from your air conditioning:

1. The Air Filter Isn’t Working

One of the most common causes of a sore throat from AC is a dirty filter. The filter can collect dust, pollen, pet dander, and other airborne pollutants by not being cleaned. This can cause irritation, dryness, and soreness in the throat.

The filter should be cleaned and replaced at least every three months, and if you have any other respiratory conditions, you should do this more often.

2. The Air Conditioning Unit is Dirty

A dirty air conditioning unit can cause many illnesses, and sore throats are one. The unit should be cleaned and maintained every three to six months. If you have frequent sore throats, it might be worth considering a new AC unit.

3. You’re Allergic to the Cooling Unit

A few different materials are used to make air conditioning units, including metal, plastic, and fiberglass. If you’re allergy sensitive, you may be allergic to one of these materials. Not all air conditioning units will have this in the same place, but metal’s most common culprit.

If you know you’re allergic to metal, consider choosing a plastic or fiberglass AC unit. If you’re not sure, consider switching to an air filtration system that can filter these allergens out of the air.

4. The Air Conditioner is Too Close to Your Bedroom

If you are suffering from frequent sore throats, consider moving your AC unit to another room. The AC is pumping out cool air that can lower temperatures in the room, and this air must travel through the ducts to reach your room. 

If the AC is placed too near your bed, this can cause the cold air to make its way into your room and make your throat sore.

5. There’s Something in Your HVAC System

If you’ve recently gotten a new pet or if you’re a smoker, you may have something in your HVAC system that’s aggravating your throat. The filters may be dirty, and the system may need to be cleaned and replaced to keep the itching and the sore throat away.

6. You’re Using a Fan

While fans can be an excellent steaming tool, they can also be an annoying sore throat sufferer. You can quickly get a sore throat from a fan if it’s blowing directly on your throat, causing irritation and soreness.

7. The Temperature is Too Cold

One of the most common complaints of people with a sore throat is the need for the room to be warmer. You may be getting a sore throat from the air conditioning if your room is too cold. Turn the temperature up and see if that helps.


So, you’re getting a sore throat from your air conditioning. Before you call the company to complain, consider these possibilities to help you determine why your throat is getting sore. Once you know the cause and how you can fix it, you’ll be able to enjoy your AC without getting a sore throat.

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