AC Maintenance in Alabaster, AL

Preventative maintenance is hands down the best way to keep your house comfortable, extend the life of your units, and save money. You go to the dentist to get a cleaning and screening to make sure your mouth is healthy, you take your car to get serviced so it runs longer and to prevent breaking down, you call Mainline for your AC maintenance in Birmingham, AL to get your AC system inspected and serviced for the same reasons! 

You need to have your AC system maintenanced a couple of times a year, preferably right before turning it on for the first time (Spring) and after you’ve switched to heat (late Autumn). The tune up before summer should help prevent any major issues during the hottest days of the year. We will clean, inspect, and replace parts in your units. We can also check ductwork and returns for any potential air leaks or damage. This maintenance needs to be scheduled before or right after first turning on the AC, rather than waiting until AC is absolutely a necessity during the long, hot days of July and August. 

Then, after the Southern sun and humidity have done a number on your home and AC unit, let our trained eyes take a look to see what your system needs before “hibernating” for the winter. This suggested maintenance schedule is like carb-loading, hydrating, and stretching before a marathon, then hydrating, replenishing electrolytes, and stretching some more after it’s over. 

How does spending money save me money?

Good question. Here are a few of the ways spending money on AC maintenance can save you money in the long run:

  • Lower energy costs

When we do preventative maintenance, your system will be cleaner and better sealed, which means your unit will perform better. When it performs better, it doesn’t get overheated or try to keep up, which in turn can lower your energy costs each month. Something as simple as a tuneup before summer can make those power bills a little less nauseating to open. If you’re looking to significantly reduce your bill and have a more energy efficient home, consider a ductless system (read more about those on our installation page). 

  • Fewer emergency/after-hours service

The fact is, after hours or holiday servicing calls cost a little bit more. But if you’re unit is in tip-top shape from being regularly maintenanced, it can be less likely to break down and need larger repairs. It seems that AC units tend to stop working at the worst times- the middle of the night, or halfway through the Fourth of July party at your house. With regular maintenance, you can reduce your chances of that happening, which means less money spent on emergency calls and repairs. 

  • A major repair or replacement costs more

Why do we go to the doctor for a physical examination? Many times, they’re able to spot a potential issue before it leads to a major problem. They can put you on medication to hopefully avoid the need for a major surgery. AC maintenance is similar (but not as critically important) to that checkup at the doctor. We not only diagnosis a problem, but can tell where your unit may have a future problem. Small repairs to your coils, fan, or return vent, can extend the life of your unit and potentially avoid a costly replacement. It’s better to spend a little money upfront fixing a small issue, than let it be neglected and cost you thousands of dollars on a new unit, when it could have been avoided. 

Maintenance Club

Does this all seem like a lot to keep up with along with so many other things on your plate each day? We think so too. One day we were thinking, “wouldn’t it be nice for our customers to not have to remember to set their maintenance appointments?” So we decided to create the Maintenance Club. Depending on the plan you choose, you’ll get either one or two tuneups a year (which we will remind you about), plus a bunch of discounts and preferred service. Our Membership Plan includes 1-2 precision tune ups (amongst other things) annually, so you won’t even have to worry about remembering to schedule them! Check out the plans we offer here and let us know which one you’d like to have as a part of our Maintenance Club.