AC Repairs in Alabaster, AL

The AC going out mid-August in Alabama is miserable, horrific, and all around no good. You have to break out every fan you own and wait in agony as you watch the number on the thermostat continue to go up. Thankfully, we’re there for you when this happens, no matter what day of the week or what time of day! You deserve to be comfortable in your home around the clock, throughout the entire year. Maybe your AC is still running, but it’s not even close to keeping up with the heat. It’s time to have us take a look and diagnose the issue. No matter your scenario, our goal is always to get your home comfortable again as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

When we get a call about an AC issue, one of our courteous and professional technicians will come run some tests, check certain parts of your unit, show you any issues they found, and together with you, determine a course of action. 

Common AC repairs

  • Refrigerant leak

Air conditioners contain refrigerant, which cools the air, allowing the system to run efficiently. Your unit is charged with refrigerant upon installation and a leak can cause the system’s refrigerant levels to fall, which will cause your house to not cool properly.This is an issue that’s often mishandled. Some resort to simply adding more refrigerant, but if something is leaking, that would indicate that something isn’t sealed or set up properly. We will find the leak, repair it, then recharge the refrigerant. 

  • Broken compressor fan

The compressor fan in your outdoor unit is one of the parts responsible for transferring the heat out of your house. When it isn’t working correctly, the heat transfer process is hindered. Not only will your house not get cooled properly, it can also cause the system’s compressor to overheat. Overheating can cause damage to the compressor and can even turn your entire system off, which you don’t want during the dog days of summer. 

If you notice that your house doesn’t seem to be cooling off, give us a call so we can diagnose the issue. If the compressor fan is the culprit, we will repair or replace it and make sure nothing else suffered damage from it. 

  • Drainage and Drip Pans

Your AC unit produces condensation as it works, which it accounts for by making it flow away from the unit into a drip pan. However, if there is a clog (usually caused by algae) in the drain lines or drip pan, moisture can back up into your air conditioner which could damage parts in the unit. More commonly, excessive condensation increases indoor humidity levels and hinders the air conditioner’s performance. If it’s particularly humid outside (pretty much all summer-long here), this can be a common problem. A Mainline technician will unclog your lines, inspect the drip pans, and possibly treat for algae if that was the issue. 

Feel like you’re needing repairs too frequently? Is it costing you too much money?  It might be time to consider getting a new unit. We can help you with an AC installation. Is there a way to possibly prevent repair calls? There sure is! That’s what’s so great about preventative AC maintenance– see how joining the Mainline Maintenance Club could save you money on repairs!

When you need an AC repair in Birmingham, AL, and you need it fast, there’s only one call to make!