3 Common AC Mistakes Every Homeowner Should Avoid

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While most, if not all homeowners understand that the AC is built solely to cool down the home, not many know how to utilize the machine efficiently. Some end up overworking the machine, causing it to eat up a lot of energy and run into many issues, while others may underutilize them in the fear that pushing it any harder will cause it to break. These misunderstandings can significantly hurt the comfort levels of a home, and this is something that we do not want to happen to you!

To ensure that you maximize your AC usage, we are going to tackle a few mistakes people make when operating their HVAC systems:

Mistake 1. Turning On the AC Only When It Is Too Hot

It sounds logical, doesn’t it? After all, we switch on the AC because the house is getting too warm in hopes that the machine will soon push the internal temperatures down. While this will work, it puts a lot of stress on the system.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that the AC should only be on when the temperature is hot. However, this ends up eating more power than normal, and it can strain the system. The correct way of using the AC is to switch it on before temperatures start to rise far beyond a comfortable level.

Mistake 2. Thinking That Maintenance Is Not Required

All machines require maintenance sooner or later, simply because under stress, their components start to deteriorate. However, some components will deteriorate much faster than others. In an AC system, the filters are the one thing that will be dirtied quickly and needs to be cleaned. Not replacing or cleaning the filters will hurt the AC’s efficiency, which also causes it to cool the home more slowly.

The fix to this is simple: hire a technician to come and service the AC system regularly. Consult with them on how often the machine needs to be maintained so that you can schedule the appropriate times to keep your system in optimal condition.

Mistake 3. Believing a Lower Number on the Thermostat Means Cooler Air

It is true that the lower the number on the thermostat, the cooler the air you will enjoy. However, it is a mistake to believe that you will automatically get the air to the temperature you specified simply because you have a lower number on the thermostat. The AC doesn’t work that way. 

Your cooling system is designed to drop the temperature slowly. Even then, the cool air will still mix with unconditioned air, which pushes the temperature slightly higher than what you’ve set.

With that said, if you do find that the AC is struggling to create the atmosphere you are used to and notice that the temperature isn’t dropping incrementally, you may need to hire a technician to look for problems. Chances are that something is inhibiting its efficiency, and a professional fix may be necessary to restore it to proper condition.


Are there any mistakes above you’ve committed in the past, thinking that you were doing yourself a favor? Now you know better! Make the necessary changes to how you treat your AC, and you will soon find your experience to be much more positive and enjoyable than it ever was. 

That being said, if you notice that your AC simply isn’t cooling your home to what you expect it to be, don’t hesitate to hire an HVAC technician. They will drop by to analyze your AC system, look for any possible problems, and fix them to ensure you enjoy the fresh, cool air!

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