Things You Need to Consider Before Upgrading Your AC


The winter and summer months in Alabama and the mid-Atlantic region can be extremely hot and humid, making it crucial to have a good air conditioning system running in the home. Not only do you have to keep your family safe, but you must keep the house cool. The right air conditioning can help everyone stay healthy and comfortable during the summer months and provide years of reliable service. If you’re looking to upgrade or replace уоur cooling system, there are many things you should keep in mind to ensure you’re getting the best heating system for your home.

Don’t Skimp on the AC

When deciding between a standard-sized AC unit or an undersized unit, you should always invest in the bigger unit. The installation costs for an oversized system will be the same, so there’s no reason to have a unit that does not keep the house at a comfortable temperature.

Take Care of the System

When properly maintained, an air conditioning unit can last for ten years or more. It’s important to follow the maintenance schedule outlined in the owner’s manual. This will keep your air conditioner running efficiently and keep working when you need it most.

Units are Not All the Same

Do not choose the first AC unit that you come across at the store or online. You should always research the options and make sure the system you choose is the best one for your home. Most homes need a system with a SEER rating of at least 10. This will keep the уоur home cooler in the summer months and keep you from having to run the unit for very long.

Size Does Matter

The size of уоur AC unit matters more than you’d think. If a system is undersized, it won’t cool the home efficiently. Always choose a system that will cool the house while also maintaining a comfortable room temperature.

Get an Extended Warranty

There are many different manufacturers, so it’s crucial that уоu double-check the warranty when you buy a new system. Make sure the warranty is transferable between owners. This is the best way to ensure the warranty will still be in effect if you sell the house in the future.

Make Sure the Installer is Licensed

When you’re ready to install the AC unit, make sure you hire a licensed, reputable technician to do the work. Uncertified installers could mess up the installation and could соntribute to the system not working correctly. Make sure the technician will be available for repairs and maintenance if needed.

Have the Air Conditioning System Tested

The installation is only the first step in a process that will keep your family comfortable. Once the unit is installed, the technician should perform a thorough inspection and testing to ensure the unit will keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Have an AC Service Contract

Having a service contract will protect уоu from having to pay for repairs around the house. Contracts can be purchased at any time, but it’s best to have one from the beginning. This will give уоu piece of mind knowing the service technician will be available in the future.


Having a properly maintained AC unit will result in a better experience for your family and help you save money on your energy bill. When you are installing an air conditioning system, make sure you choose the right contractor and know the damage that can be done when hiring a less than reputable one.

It’s important to make sure that your heating and cooling system is always in good condition. That’s why Mainline Heating and Air is here to help. Our team is always on standby to serve you whenever you have problems with your heating and air conditioning units. If you need air conditioning service in Alabaster, AL, feel free to contact our technicians at (205) 664-4751.

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