5 Signs Your AC Needs Repair Work from a Professional

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If you’re like most homeowners, then you’ve probably had air conditioning problems before. And, if you’ve had any problems at all, you know how quickly those problems will pile up if you do not get help. So, before things get any worse, you should call an HVAC professional as soon as you see any of the following warning signs.

Noisy AC Unit

Air conditioner units are known for making strange noises, but this doesn’t mean you should ignore them. If you notice that any of the noises from your AC unit sound like they are getting louder, then you should schedule an appointment with an HVAC professional. Most of the time, this is caused by a buildup of dirt and dust on the coils inside the unit.

Energy Bills Going Up

When you start noticing that your energy bills are going up, then it’s often a sign that you need to schedule an appointment with an HVAC professional. This is especially true if your energy bills fluctuate or are consistently very high. It could very well mean that your AC unit is already in bad shape and doesn’t work as well as it used to. If your AC unit has been working for ten years or more, then you may want to consider replacing it with a new unit that is energy efficient.

Unusual Smells

There are many different reasons why your air conditioner might start to smell. Some of these smells are indicative of a problem that needs to be addressed immediately, while others indicate a problem that will need to be addressed eventually but isn’t necessarily an emergency. However, if you notice any smells that you didn’t recognize or that you didn’t associate with your air conditioner before, then an HVAC professional should be called right away.

It could be nothing at all, or it’s possible that there’s already mold building up in your AC unit. This can lead to mold and mildew growth in your home, which is not only disgusting but could be a major health hazard as well.

Whenever you notice any strange smells coming from your air conditioner, then you should schedule an appointment with an HVAC professional right away.

Warm Air

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that a completely functional air conditioner can still leak warm air into the house. However, it can indeed happen. If you notice that your home seems to always be warm, then this may be the culprit.

High Humidity

Aside from warm air coming out of your AC unit, you may also see that the humidity levels in your home are higher than usual. This is often caused by water leaking from your air conditioner. If you notice that there is an excessive amount of humidity in your home, then call an HVAC professional right away.

If this happens, then you should seek out an HVAC professional immediately.


No matter what warning signs you notice from your AC unit, you should never wait very long to call for help. Left alone, your AC unit problems can only get worse and can cause problems with your health, your home, and your wallet.

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