5 Troubleshooting Tips to Check if Your AC Is Broken

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If it’s your first time being a homeowner, there are some details that you may overlook in your house, especially if it’s the first time you’re encountering it. Take your air conditioning unit, for example. It’s not always evident when your unit may need air conditioning repair, especially if you didn’t notice anything that’s currently wrong with it. You won’t actually realize it’s broken until it just stopped working. Well, this guide should help you be more mindful of the warning signs. Here are some quick troubleshooting tips you can do if your air conditioning unit isn’t working properly.

1. Check the Power

If your air conditioner suddenly stops working or isn’t turning on, you might simply have a tripped circuit or a blown fuse, which could have nothing to do with your AC. Try to locate your electrical panel and look to see if any switches have moved to the center position. If you see one that’s been tripped, try turning it off and on again. If that didn’t solve the problem, then you might have blown a fuse. You’ll be able to tell it’s burned out by a dark spot in the glass portion of the fuse.

2. Turn on the Fan

One effective way of finding out whether or not your central air system is getting power is to turn on the fan. You’ll find it right next to the “auto” switch. Turn it on, and if the fan works, then the blower is still getting power. The next thing you need to consider should be your thermostat. That could be the issue why your air conditioning unit stopped working.

3. Thermostat Troubleshooting

Central air conditioners run off of your home’s thermostat. Check the settings and the temperature to make sure someone didn’t tamper with it or changed the settings. If you notice that the settings have been switched to “auto” instead of “cool,” then someone might have changed the settings without you knowing it. If your AC unit is relatively new, then your thermostat might be running off on batteries. Simply changing the batteries could solve the problem.

4. Disconnect Switches Might Be Off

Building codes mandate that switches be installed next to your AC’s indoor and outdoor units. There’s a possibility that your outdoor switch might have been turned off for any number of reasons. On the other hand, this could also happen to your indoor switch. Someone may have bumped it or accidentally leaned onto it. Whatever the case may be, try locating both switches and if they’ve been turned off. Just switch it on again and see if your AC’s working again.

5. Checking the Starting Components

A typical air conditioner depends on at least two capacitors inside the outdoor unit. One is the “start” capacitor, and the other is the “run” capacitor. If one of them becomes faulty or damaged somehow, then your AC can start malfunctioning and not run at all. Those capacitors hold power, so it basically means your AC is dead without them working properly. Unfortunately, there’s only one way to check them, which is by calling an HVAC repair specialist.


Those are just some quick troubleshooting tips you can do whenever you suspect something’s wrong with your AC. However, if there are multiple signs that your AC is on the fritz, then it’s still best to ask for help from professionals.

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