Common Air Conditioning Issues to Look for This Summer

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Summer temperatures can be significantly high in some areas of the country. That is why you need to ensure that your air conditioning system is working properly to beat the summer heat. You don’t want to have an AC unit that is not working during the times you most need it. However, issues can occur.  

Ensure you’re aware of the common AC problems and when you should call for an HVAC technician.

1) Refrigerant Leaks

A common issue with your air conditioning unit during summertime is the sudden failure in the level of your cooling system’s refrigerant levels. The function of your AC’s refrigerant is to help remove the humidity and heat from your home. It becomes an urgent problem when a leak occurs. But, it is important to remember that refrigerants can always be easily bought and installed in your AC. 

You should ask a skilled HVAC technician to inspect the leak, fix it, and replace the refrigerant. This is the most effective way to keep your AC system running again.

2) Dry Air Filters

You might already be aware that the longer your heating and cooling system runs, the faster it gets dirty. This is why you should be prepared for it. Most filters that are one-inch thick are designed to function and last for three months before they can be replaced. Of course, that will depend on how you use your AC and the amount of dust buildup in your home. 

Various factors can contribute to dirt buildup in your air filter. When it becomes full of dirt, and the temperature hits 90 degrees outside, you may need to promptly seek a replacement for your air filter.

Make sure to regularly check your air filters and have them cleaned or replaced. Normally, this should be replaced every one or two months. You need to do this to ensure you’ll have good air quality in your home and that your AC unit will function properly during summer.

3) Clogged Drains

Condensation is not really a problem because it is usually removed with the help of the condensation drain. But an issue arises when the condensation drain is clogged and results in leaks and water backup. Such a problem can damage the AC system, especially if not checked regularly. 

There can be an unwanted smell due to the leak, and you may notice that mold growth can be present. Molds can be detrimental to your health and may even spread to other areas in your home.

Call your local HVAC technician to fix the problem as soon as possible before it gets worse.

4) Dirty Condenser Coils

In some cases, there can be too much buildup on the condenser coils on your AC, preventing it from functioning properly. This makes it difficult for your AC to keep your home cool and get rid of the heat from the outside. To prevent further damage to your AC, make sure to get an air conditioning repair as soon as possible.


Your air conditioning system must work properly and efficiently, especially during summertime when the temperature can be significantly high. Homeowners must be mindful of the problems that may be related to the air conditioning system, such as dirty condenser coils, clogged drains, dry air filters, and leaks in the refrigerants. All these require the intervention of an air conditioning repair technician to prevent further damage. 

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