5 Clear Signs a Gas Furnace Needs Repairs This Instant


Your home can’t be without a gas furnace during a particularly cold day or those long winter nights. The furnace disperses heat throughout your house, keeping everyone warm and cozy. Though these well-built machines last from 15 to 30 years, they still need regular furnace repair, especially when you sense it doesn’t work as well as it once did.

Here are some sure-fire signs a gas furnace needs repairs this instant:

The Smell of Gas in the Air

You will smell gas every time you turn on a furnace during cold seasons. The scent of ethanol is entirely normal and is not a cause of alarm.

This is no longer normal when you continue smelling gas as the furnace continues to run or when the scent becomes more potent as you move closer to the furnace. These two signs mean your furnace is leaking gas.

Immediately contact a heating and AC service to fix the problem as gas leaks could lead to a fire or explosion when they come in contact with anything flammable.

Little to No Heat Dispersed

Another positive sign your gas furnace needs fixing is when the appliance does not distribute heat or disperses heat at a weaker level.

This problem could be caused by leaks, thermostat issues, cracks in the heat exchanger, or simply the inability to cope with extremely frigid weather.

Before contacting a repair crew, check if someone left the furnace temperature at a lower level or if the temperature is set at the usual levels. If it is the former, all you need to do is set it to the right heat. If it is the latter, call your heating and AC service to do regular maintenance.

Gas Alarms Going Off

If your carbon monoxide detector blares at home, that is an emergency. Immediately do the following:

  • Close the gas furnace.
  • Bring everyone outside of the house this instant. 
  • Contact 911 from your smartphone. Do not remain inside the house.

While a regular furnace repair job can quickly fix gas leaks, a triggered home alarm means carbon monoxide has traveled from your basement to your home’s interior. This is caused by a fault heat exchanger, as the gas is not fully transformed into heat, hence the wide gas leakage and weaker heat distribution of the furnace.

Always contact a trusted heat and AC service in the event of a carbon monoxide alarm, as this is a severe appliance problem.

Weird Sounds

Much like a car engine that jumpstarts or a computer that powers on, gas furnaces make noises when ignited. However, hearing prolonged or intermittent noises such as rattling, popping, banging, or squealing causes concern.

  • Banging could mean a furnace’s ignitor is malfunctioning.
  • Squealing could signal a problem with the motor or fan, such as worn-out drive belts ready to break.
  • Popping noises usually come from the ductwork and could mean a problem with the gas passageway. But if you have metal ducts, hearing this is completely normal, as it makes noises during expansion and contraction.

Call a heat and AC service for furnace repair if you hear any of these three sounds, plus others we may not have listed (rattling, whistling, and more).

It Looks and Sounds Old

Perhaps the main root of these problems is the fact your furnace is already past its prime. Signs of an old furnace include a worn-out or rusted exterior combined with one or more of the previous signs mentioned above. It might be better to purchase a new one instead of getting certain parts repaired, but always consult an expert before deciding.


Gas furnaces are sturdy machines that still require maintenance even if they last long. Getting the right repair team is paramount to keeping it in good working condition and your family safe from any furnace-related injuries.

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