Understanding Common Furnace Issues: How to Deal With Them


It is usually around fall and winter when people start using their furnaces. But they may start exhibiting certain issues right when you need your furnace most.

Some may forget to perform maintenance on theirs. Others may have faulty furnaces due to issues with their gas connections. Others may also experience issues with electrical parts for those with newer models.

To help you identify these potential issues, we will talk about these common problems encountered in furnaces.

Top Causes of Furnace Issues

Our furnaces can have underlying problems that only surface when fall and winter come. They are caused by long inactivity, a lack of maintenance, or individual parts with issues.

Some of these common issues are from long periods of no use and maintenance. Dirt buildup from months or even years can block heat and add pressure to your furnace. It can also affect your fans. You may experience weak heating or malfunctioning parts. You’ll also feel less hot air blowing out of the airways.

Major issues can also be found in the thermostat and in the controls. It will produce weak heat, or your heating won’t turn on. You may observe strange noises too. Malfunctioning parts in the controls can also manifest when pilot lights or switches won’t work. These are the signs you need immediate repair.

Worn-out parts, especially on older furnaces that use gas, are priority issues too. Older gas furnaces have safety precautions built-in to stop fires, but electrical furnaces might be safer too.

DIY Repairs or Pro Repairs?

Some of the most common furnace issues may be repairable. Simple replacements or maintenance might solve some minor issues as well. But more importantly, preventive maintenance checks can catch these issues early. For other problems beyond, you need furnace repair services immediately.

Some important parts to check are the filters to avoid weak heating and circulation issues. Blockages in the airways can affect the thermostat and the fan as it is blocked from either point. You can easily clean filters and airways yourself with enough study.

Next is the thermostat. Make sure that the heating device works and is not turning on and off. It should work in conjunction with the fans and blowers. The pathways going to your exhaust should be clear as well. If these three main parts are cleared, the furnace should be functional without any issues.

In Conclusion

You have to take care of furnaces when they’re not in use. Simple maintenance checks and cleaning can prevent some of the most common issues. But eventually, you’ll have to deal with specific problems. Make sure to check its parts carefully for issues. If it’s not possible to remedy, you need to call the professionals for proper services.

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