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3 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality for Allergy Relief

It’s here. Pollen season. Not Spring…pollen season. For those who suffer from allergies every year, you try to find relief however you can. At Mainline we want to remind you that you can control your indoor air quality for ultimate relief.

Your air conditioner plays a vital role in the quality of your indoor air, and there are a few things you can do to ensure your AC keeps you as comfortable as possible in your own home.

1. Change Your Filter

This is probably the simplest maintenance task you can regularly perform to ensure your AC stays in good working order. Changing your filter helps to maximize your AC’s efficiency and also helps trap the particles that get inside your home and negatively affect your indoor air quality.

It’s usually best to change your AC filters every three months, at a minimum. If you notice your filters getting dirty earlier, replace them sooner.

Consider using a filter with a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating of at least 8. A high-quality filter will trap tinier particles, further improving your indoor air quality. For those with respiratory issues, a HEPA filter may be a good option. As your AC service experts in Alabaster, AL, Mainline Heating and Cooling will be happy to recommend the ideal filter for your needs if you’re not sure which to choose.

2. Keep Your Unit Clean

Regular maintenance tune-ups and cleaning is another essential AC tip worth remembering. Although it’s best to schedule at least 2 inspections each year (Spring and Fall are good times) with us to ensure your AC remains in good working order, you should also make a point of visually inspecting it yourself from time to time. You want to make sure there aren’t any obvious signs of debris buildup.

If you notice dust or debris accumulating around the outside of the AC unit, go ahead and clean it, because this dust and debris could work its way inside the system if left there. When that happens, the AC could distribute it throughout your home, which is definitely something anyone with allergies wants to avoid. More importantly, remember to clean your vents and registers too. These often neglected areas need to be cleaned regularly, especially during peak pollen season to cut down on the amount of dust and allergens in your home.

3. Upgrade Your HVAC System

Maybe pollen doesn’t affect or bother you as much as mold and other similar allergens- it’s worth noting different types of allergens may accumulate in your home, not just from outdoor sources. You shouldn’t take steps to keep only dust and other particles from affecting your indoor air quality, but you also need to guard against bacteria.

Exposure to bacteria makes virtually anyone uncomfortable to at least some degree. However, those who are allergic to mold and bacteria can experience quite severe reactions if they’re exposed to it.

Bacteria tend to develop in moist environments, so you’ll need to keep the humidity levels in your home relatively low… which is easier said than done here in the South. Use a dehumidifier for rooms or spaces that tend to see a build up moisture, such as a bathroom or basement. Having an efficient AC system will help as well, so that’s another reason maintenance is so important. 

You should be on the lookout for moist or damp areas around your unit when inspecting your AC. If you notice any issues, contact us so that our professionals can determine what might be causing the problem.

Here’s the deal, all this checking, inspecting, and monitoring may seem like a lot of work; there’s an easier solution. To truly keep your home’s humidity levels in the correct range, you can upgrade your HVAC system with a whole-home humidifier that integrates into your ductwork! You’ll be able to have a greater degree of control over your home’s humidity levels. Again, we’d be more than happy to make a recommendation if you’re not sure where to start.

Remember these tips for your AC system if you have allergies. They’ll help you stay comfortable throughout the year. And, if you ever need AC service Mainline Heating and Air Conditioning in Alabaster, AL is here for you! Contact us today with any questions or concerns.